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This site is divided into many informational categories including:

  • The 1/4 Ton Evolution is an overview of the of the 1/4 ton jeep from the first prototypes through the M151A2 series.

  • The M38A1 Models tab shows variations of the M38A1 production run.

  • Serial Numbers is a place to start your informational search on your vehicles S/N.  

  • The Restoration Resources will take you to one of several informational pages within this site including:

Technical Manuals and Reading materials needed for restoration and maintenance

Tabulated Data provides for the 'technical' stuff...

Color and Markings for the M38A1

Gun Mounting configurations

Radio Mounting configurations

Tools provides a listing of the tools for the M38A1

Tips and Tricks learned along the way that are helpful

Parts Suppliers used during the restoration and subsequent maintenance

Project Time incurred for this effort

Project Expenses incurred for this effort

Before Pictures to document the condition prior to restoration

Restoration Pictures as the jeep was restored and coming 'back to life...'

Pricing Guide ie: "how much is my jeep worth"? Ebay auction summary also included.

FAQ's related to a refurbish or restoration project.

  • Photo Archives includes several pages of historic photos of the M38A1 in various combat, civilian and other roles.  Pretty interesting viewing in here...

  • Event Pictures will take you to a series of pages where I have attended events with the jeep and trailer.  I've also restored an older bicycle and some of those events are listed there as well.

  • Awards presents a summary of awards and recognition the site and author have received regarding the site and vehicle.

  • Misc. Mil-Veh is a 'catchall' section.

Join MPVA details the benefits of joining the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (link to their site)
presents a short history of the 45th Infantry Division where my jeep has it's roots.
Flag Code
presents the proper way to display the great flag of ours.

  • Forums is currently a placeholder for the forum area to be developed someday

  • Sponsorship is where you can make a donation to support the site.

  • Links provides links to external sites which will assist in clubs, organizations, gathering information or restoring the M38A1.


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