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Location Item Supplier  Actual Cost
Battery (2) Star Electric             140.00
Brass Posts Midwest Military               48.00
Rubber Mat material Astro-Tex               40.48
Battery Tray Hardware Brent Mullins               30.00
Bolt, "J" Battery Hold Down Beachwood               22.00
Positive Battery Cable MVP               20.00
Jumper Battery Cable MVP               20.00
Negative Battery Cable MVP               20.00
Wingnut, Batt "J" Bolt Hold Down Beachwood               12.00
Misc Battery Terminal Connectors               (5.00)
  Subtotal:             347.48
Hat Channel Custom Sheet Metal               94.44
Rear seat "J" hooks Midwest Military               30.00
Pressure Wash Powerwashers               25.00
Headlight Doors RAPCO               25.00
Headlight Door Seal RAPCO               19.00
Grommet Kit, Body & Firewall #2!!! Beachwood               17.09
Catch Hooks (2) mounted on Hood Brent Mullins               15.00
Reflectors (3) RAPCO               15.00
Hood Latches - "T" Part Brent Mullins               15.00
Grommet Kit, Body & Firewall Beachwood               12.50
Fender Welting (8') RAPCO               12.00
Tunnel cover "Knob" footrest thing Midwest Military               10.00
Accelerator Pedal Seal Brent Mullins                 7.50
Brake Access  Plate/Gasket Midwest Military                 6.00
Headlight Grommets Brent Mullins                 5.00
1" footman loop for axe Midwest Military                 1.40
Blackout Light Shell               (5.00)
Mirror Arm             (10.00)
Reflectors (OD)             (15.00)
Sell main bows/front lift hooks/rim/jerry can mount Cliff Todd             (50.00)
  Subtotal:             229.93
Adjust and Bleed Jeep Masters               70.50
Brake Wheel Cylinders Brent Mullins               65.00
Brake Master Cylinder Brent Mullins               45.00
Brake Drums Jeep Masters               42.00
Brake Hardware Midwest Military               29.00
Brake Fluid A-1                 7.66
Brake acutator boot cover Midwest Military                 4.00
  Subtotal:             263.16
Rebuild Axles/Parts Jeep Masters             531.00
7.00x16" Tires, 6 ply (5) Nelsons Surplus             390.00
4.5"x16" Rims (2) D&L Bensinger             100.00
4.5"x16" Rims (3) Milburn Locke             100.00
Spring Shackles Midwest Military               68.00
7.00x16" Tubes (5) Nelsons Surplus               60.00
Left Rear Spring Southside Jeep               57.81
Axle Seal Set, Frt/Rear Midwest Military               55.00
Axle U-Bolts & hardware Midwest Military               52.00
Rear Trailer Pental Tow Hook Southside Jeep               35.00
Shackle, Lift Front Midwest Military               34.00
Shock Absorbers, Rear Chief Auto Parts               30.28
Shock Absorbers, Front Chief Auto Parts               30.28
Spring Bushings Midwest Military               30.00
Speedometer Cable Midwest Military               30.00
Pinion Seal Midwest Military               28.00
Cap, Hub Dust Frt/Rear Beachwood               22.00
Spring Bushings - Press Atlas Spring               20.00
Left Rear Shock Absorbor Brent Mullins               17.50
Fuel Line Replacement AutoZone               11.09
Fuel Line Replacement AutoZone               10.80
Body to Frame dampening material (10) RAPCO               10.00
Shackles, Lift, Rear Milburn Locke               10.00
Wire Harness Clips Midwest Military                 6.00
Left Rear Spring Shackle Bolt Southside Jeep                 5.00
Shackle Pin RAPCO                 4.00
Clip, Snap Lifting Shackle Brent Mullins                 4.00
Wheel Bearing Dust Caps             (15.00)
  Subtotal:          1,736.76
Tool Kit             120.00
Stencil(s) or Kit Rick Larsen               83.25
Correct Axe               53.00
Shovel RAPCO               24.50
Paint and Markings Manual               19.00
Decal set - Engine Comp, Complete Beachwood               16.00
Axe/Shovel Strap Kit Beachwood               16.00
Jerry Can Strap Set Beachwood               13.50
Gasket Kit, Glove/Vent/Batt Box Beachwood               12.00
Top Bow Strap Set Beachwood               12.00
Accelerator Boot Cover               12.00
Jerry Can Holder Southside Jeep               10.00
20" Star Stencil Mask-hood               10.00
Jerry Can, '53 dated Milburn Locke               10.00
Fording Dash Plate RAPCO                 8.50
Patent Plate RAPCO                 8.50
ON/OFF Dash Plate RAPCO                 8.50
Gasket Kit, Tool Box, Rubber Beachwood                 7.95
Windshield Tie Down Strap Beachwood                 6.00
Axe Gillens Surplus                 5.50
Safe Driver Decal                 5.00
Electric Disconnect Decal                 3.00
24V Stencil                 1.00
  Subtotal:             465.20
Wiring Harness, Complete M38A1 MVP             345.00
NOS Slave Unit Army Jeep Parts               46.50
Blackout Light Assembly Brent Mullins               45.00
Stoplight Midwest Military               40.00
Service Tail light Midwest Military               40.00
Switch, Headlamp Dimmer, new Midwest Military               35.00
Generator to Voltage Regulator Cable Peter Debella               31.00
Headlight Brent Mullins               24.00
Ignition Switch Midwest Military               22.50
24v Bulb Kit Brent Mullins                 5.00
  Subtotal:             634.00
Rebuild Head/Block Pflugerville Machine             703.63
Correct Carter YS Carb Army Jeep Parts             220.00
Distributor, NOS Army Jeep Parts             185.00
Overhaul Carb - Running Rich Jeep Masters             135.00
Spark Plug Wire Set Army Jeep Parts             110.00
Rebuilt Fuel Pump Midwest Military             110.00
Bench Test Engine Jeep Masters               85.00
Water Pump/Gasket Midwest Military               55.00
Spark Plugs Army Jeep Parts               36.00
Oil Sending Unit, 24v Beachwood               36.00
Carb Re-Build Kit Brent Mullins               32.50
Water Temp Sending Unit, 24v Midwest Military               30.00
Vapor Lock Shielding Hose Austin Performance               20.24
Engine Mounts (2) RAPCO               15.00
Correct Fuel Line Carb to Pump               15.00
Fording Cable RAPCO               15.00
Vent assembly off of air-horn Midwest Military               14.00
Matched Fan Belt Set Midwest Military               14.00
Clamp Kit, Hose Engine Compartment Beachwood               12.95
Engine Oil/Gear Oil for steering Pep Boyz               11.03
Points & Condensor Set RAPCO                 9.50
Flex Fuel Line at valve Midwest Military                 9.00
Carb linkage assemblies Midwest Military                 9.00
Rubber Oil Return Hose Midwest Military                 8.00
Oil Filter Element Brent Mullins                 7.50
Rotor RAPCO                 7.50
Oil Line from timing gear to oil bath Midwest Military                 7.00
Throttle Linkage Midwest Military                 5.00
Thermostat Brent Mullins                 5.00
Throttle Clamp Midwest Military                 4.00
Correct Top Radiator Hose Clamp                 3.00
Brass 90 Degree fittings A-1                 1.55
Waterpump Plug A-1                 1.55
Grommet, Sealing end of B0212 Beachwood                 1.00
Oil Pressure Sending Unit             (20.00)
  Subtotal:          1,913.95
Muffler Brent Mullins               45.00
Exhaust Assy Antelope Valley               41.50
Exhaust Assy Antelope Valley               29.50
Exhaust Assy Midwest Military               12.50
Exhaust Assy, Hanger Brent Mullins                 7.50
Exhaust Assy, Hanger Brent Mullins                 7.50
Gasket Set Midwest Military                 6.50
Gaskets RAPCO                 4.00
  Subtotal:             154.00
Split pull-T Brent Mullins               30.00
Brass Cable Stop                     -  
  Subtotal:               30.00
Gas Tank
Gas Tank Southside Jeep               65.00
Fuel Tank/Floor Pan Welt Kit Beachwood               16.00
Fuel Filter Brent Mullins               12.50
Fuel Filler Gasket D&L Bensinger                 8.00
Fuel Tank, Hold Down Strap Welt Kit Beachwood                 6.50
Gasket, Sender Head to Tank Beachwood                 2.86
Fuel tank gasket, pickup plate Midwest Military                 2.00
Gas Tank Scott                     -  
  Subtotal:             112.86
M31C Pedestal Mount Brent Mullins             499.06
.30.50 Cradle Mount Hayes Optiluk             435.00
M1919A4 30.06 Snapps             318.00
Correct .30 cal ammo can               15.00
Pedestal Data Plate MVPA Nat'l Convention               11.00
Pedestal Socket Cover MPVA Nat'l Convention                 9.00
  Subtotal:          1,287.06
Horn Button Assembly Midwest Military               70.00
Cap, Rubber Horn Button Beachwood                 3.50
  Subtotal:               73.50
Water Temp Gage, Take-off Midwest Military               10.00
Ammeter Gage, Take-off Midwest Military               10.00
Dash "jesus" fastener Midwest Military                 3.00
Jumper Cable (1 into 2) Midwest Military                 3.00
  Subtotal:               26.00
1953 M38A1 1/4 ton jeep CL             750.00
Rebuilt Carb Brent Mullins             167.06
Speedometer             135.10
Spark Plugs Midwest Military               41.48
NOMEX fuel line heat shroud Austin Performance               20.24
  Subtotal:             363.88
Misc Hardware Various             108.76
Primer, Epoxy DP74 TASCO             150.96
Paint, OD 24087, 4 Gal RAPCO             104.00
Primer, Epoxy DP74 TASCO               94.07
Purchase 24087 spray cans RAPCO               41.14
Primer, Red, Zinc Oxide, 1 Gal RAPCO               38.78
Paint, OD24087, 1 Gal RAPCO               38.78
Paint, Spray OD24087 RAPCO               38.50
Thinner, Zylene/Toulene Austin Lacquer               17.46
Paint, Spray OD24087 RAPCO               16.50
Can Stencil Paint                 5.00
  Subtotal:             545.19
Radiator Klingemann Radiator               42.50
Hose Kit, Early, All Rubber Beachwood               36.00
Hood Anti-squeak kit RAPCO               12.00
  Subtotal:               90.50
VRC10-RT68/GRC, PP-112, rack etal Cliff Mueller             212.00
MT-299 Rack             100.00
Spare Tire Antenna Mount Midwest Military             100.00
MP50Base/Mast Sections/Tie Down Kit Midwest Military               50.00
Speaker box/canvas cover for antenna VI Corp Show               29.00
Radio Power Feed Harness Midwest Military               25.00
Antennae/Cables etc MVPA Nat'l Convention                 7.00
Radio Frequency Card MVPA Nat'l Convention                 1.00
MT-299 Rack           (100.00)
Sell Radio set           (421.00)
  Subtotal:                 3.00
Sandblast/Paint misc parts Kurachi Sandblasting             549.00
Sandblast Tub, hood, fenders, grill etc BIC Sandblast             519.60
Sandblast/Prime/Paint Frame, Rims, Springs Kurachi Sandblasting             513.00
Sandblast Hood/dash/windshield frame/rims Kurachi Sandblasting             130.00
  Subtotal:          1,711.60
Canvas Seat Covers New Life Resources               93.00
Passenger Seat Frame D&L Bensinger               75.00
Passenger Seat springs, pan Brent Mullins               65.00
Seat Springs               55.40
Back Seat Frame Milburn Locke               50.00
Seat Foam Capitol City Foam               47.20
Drivers Side Seat Pan and Springs D&L Bensinger               18.00
Drivers Seat Frame Milburn Locke               10.00
Drivers seat frame and pan             (35.00)
  Subtotal:             378.60
Steering Wheel Midwest Military               68.00
Tie-rod ends (4) Midwest Military               68.00
Remove Steering Wheel Jeep Masters               45.00
Repair Kit, Bellcrank Midwest Military               35.00
Upper Bearing set Midwest Military               16.50
Upper/Lower Bearing set Midwest Military               10.00
Washer, Steering Col/Floor, Rubber Beachwood                 7.00
Steering Column Washer, Rubber Beachwood                 5.00
Spring, Steering Wheel Spring Midwest Military                 4.00
Welt Kit, Col Steering to Body Beachwood                 3.58
Nut, Steering Wheel RAPCO                 2.00
Gasket, Main Side Plate Steering Box Midwest Military                     -  
  Subtotal:             264.08
Winter Top New Life Resources             245.00
Canvas Top Hoops - Main Bows Milburn Locke               20.00
Thumbscrew, Bow Main Bracket Beachwood               13.75
Top Bow Chains                 4.00
  Subtotal:             282.75
Transfer/Transmission Rework Jeep Masters             350.00
U-Joints for Propeller Shafts Jeep Masters               97.10
Repair stuck reverse/1st gear prob Jeep Masters               91.00
Pressure Plate Assembly Midwest Military               45.00
Clutch Disc Army Jeep Parts               42.00
Shift lever knobs Midwest Military               13.00
Gearshift Knob Brent Mullins                 6.00
Shift Lever Boot Brent Mullins                 5.00
Transfer Lever Boot Brent Mullins                 5.00
Clutch rod boot (Use a brake boot) Midwest Military                 2.00
Gaskets on either side of plate                     -  
  Subtotal:             656.10
Window Glass/Installation Vision Glass             167.78
Gasket, Inner Windshield, Rubber Beachwood               44.50
Weatherseal, frame bottom RAPCO               27.50
Wiper Arms Midwest Military               18.00
Weatherseal, frame (NOT USABLE) Antelope Valley               15.00
Spacers to mount motors Midwest Military               15.00
Wiper Blades Midwest Military               12.00
Vaccume line, Steel line A-Line Auto Parts                 6.07
Wiper Ferrels Midwest Military                 6.00
Vaccume "Y" Connector Midwest Military                 3.00
Subtotal:             314.85
Subtotal to date:       12,743.21

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