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The following five (5) pages depict the sequence of restoration beginning with the body off.  All the pictures from the "Before Restoration" section documented the purchased condition of the jeep.  These pictures show the 'rebirth' of #55511.  I have included the date of the work when it was completed.  A complete log of all time and expenses for the project can be accessed from the HOME page.

To assist in reducing download time, Thumbnail pictures are below - simply click on the picture to see an enlarged version.  To return to this page, use your Browsers BACK button.

j24.JPG (29446 bytes) 26-Sep-97
After taking my time in deciding how far I really wanted to go with the project, I just started pulling off body parts.  It took about 3 evenings worth of work to get it this far.
j25.JPG (25985 bytes) 26-Sep-97
Once the body was off, the engine/transmission and transfer case came out.  Here they are with the drive shafts and radiator in the background.
j26.JPG (32647 bytes) 26-Sep-97
Right shot of the engine.
j27.JPG (32812 bytes) 26-Sep-97
Left shot of the engine.  Note the rebuild tag on the lower left just under the fuel pump.  It was rebuilt by the military.
j28.JPG (18462 bytes) 02-Oct-97
Front axle and spring assemblies.
j29.JPG (20975 bytes) 02-Oct-97
Steering wheel, tube, gearbox, windshield and fuel tank now removed.
j30.JPG (25248 bytes) 02-Oct-97
Here is the jeeps bare frame on top of a small green trailer ready for sandblasting.
j31.JPG (16675 bytes) 02-Oct-97
Bare metal tub after sandblasting.
j32.JPG (20955 bytes) 02-Oct-97
Bare fenders, battery box and other parts.
j33.JPG (20447 bytes) 03-Oct-97
The body tub after primer.  I chose PPG products including DP74 and DP402 Zinc Oxide for the project.  This combination was very easy to mix and apply.

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