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Books and Publications for the M38A1

I recommend purchasing two (2) copies of the following Technical Manuals if funds are available.  As you work on the jeep, invariably one copy always gets ‘dog-eared’ and greasy.  I purchased two copies and I keep one in the garage with the jeep and use it when work is performed.  The other is my reference copy I keep in the office so that I may research questions or problems and not worry about getting the books dirty.

On occasion, I take the jeep to commercial vendors to perform service.  For example, I took the jeep to a jeep specialty outfit to rebuild the entire axle assemblies.  (new bearings, seals, brakes etc)  I provided them my ‘greasy’ copy for reference.

Portrayal Press can provide excellent re-prints of the following manuals.  Midwest Military and Army Jeep Parts can provide period dated manuals as well.  (Mine are all dated mid-50’s)


“Operation and Organizational Maintenance for Truck, Utility ¼ Ton 4x4, M38A1”

A MUST HAVE.  This manual describes the detail of how to isolate problems, remove and replace various components of the M38A1.  The manual is extremely helpful in trouble-shooting, repair and maintenance of the M38A1.  Excellent pictures and diagrams.


“Engine and Clutch for ¼ Ton 4x4 Utility Truck, M38A1”

A NICE TO HAVE if you are interested in rebuilding the engine assembly.  The manual is very detailed and lists the procedures for removal, repair and replacement.  Good pictures and diagrams.  Even if your not planning on rebuilding the engine, I highly recommend purchasing a copy.


“Ordinance Maintenance, Power Train, Body and Frame for ¼ Ton 4x4 Utility Truck, M38A1”

A NICE TO HAVE if you want to understand the entire M38A1 layout.  Good pictures and diagrams provide a wealth of information.  Again, I highly recommend purchasing a copy.


ORD 9 SNL G-758
List of All Service Parts of Truck, Utility: ¼ Ton, 4x4, M38A1”

 A MUST HAVE.  The ORD9 lists all the serviceable parts by major component group.  Not only does it list each and every part which is serviceable, the manual lists the part numbers which is extremely helpful in ordering parts from vendors.  With this book, you can define exactly what part you are looking for.  Good pictures and diagrams


TB 746-93-1
“Color and Markings of Military Vehicles, Construction Equipment and Materials Handling Equipment”

 A NICE TO HAVE.  This manual details the correct paint, lettering, stars, placement etc.  Look to the "Color & Markings" tab from the main menu for some of the details from this TB.

Here's two other books that are interesting reading and related to the Korean War and Mil-Vehicles:

"Standard Catalog of US Military Vehicles", Author: Thomas Berndt, Krause Publications

"US ARMY Uniforms of the Korean War", Author: Shelby Stanton, Stackpole Books


Thanks to Scott Janz of Rudolph WI for providing the information on the following Manuals and Reading materials:

Military Vehicle Journal Number 13
The book is published in Japan, with Japanese/English captions, all period photographs in all areas of use. Not sure when it was published, but probably in the late 1980's or early 1990's by Yasuo Ohtsuka. 98 pages. 

TM9-804A M38A1 July 1952
This manual covers the early M38A1, with the hinged radiator and the early battery box, and other differences.

TM9-2320-208-20P M38A1, M38A1C, and M170 Jan 1966 
Parts and tools, etc. Includes winch, PTO and canvas.

ORD7 SNL G758 M38A1 June 1952
Parts only, no illustrations. 

None of the Military manuals above are reproduced yet to my knowledge. 



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