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The following are pictures representative of the jeep prior to the restoration.  The jeep was purchased 'as-is where-is' outside of Tulsa Oklahoma in January 1997 for $750.  A large portion of the small body parts were still intact when purchased.  However, throughout the restoration process, an equally large portion were found to be missing.  Overall, the jeep was in a mostly original condition with the only real modifications being a non-stock carburetor, orange paint and non-stock rims/tires.  

The electrical components were still the original 24 volt, the wiring harness was intact (and replaced), all instruments, voltage regulator, distributor and  generator were intact and the body and frame had no additional holes drilled or welding done to it.

The project timeline was roughly 18 months of work in a standard two car garage using normal tools.  There was only a two-week period where I used both sides of the garage with the balance of work done on a single side.  On occasion, I had to rent an engine hoist or other tools for specific work.  After about 300 hours of actual work, #55511 was transformed from a work jeep on a pecan farm to an excellent representation of the 1/4 ton Korean War military transport vehicle.

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J1.JPG (31519 bytes) January, 1997
Returning from Tulsa, Oklahoma with the new 'project'.
J2.JPG (34966 bytes) Rain makes the non-stock paint look nice!
J3.JPG (24168 bytes) Bumper markings still present - 45BDEX 145G
J4.JPG (31074 bytes) Good left side shot
J5.JPG (25494 bytes) Good rear shot
J6.JPG (27919 bytes) Dashboard area.  Note the original data plates and originality of the dash.  We believe the vehicle was a radio unit due to the A/B  switchbox mounted on the dash, the speaker mounting bracket just to the right and lower of the passenger grab bar, the presence of electrical connections to the rear, and the mounting holes on the left rear quarter.
j7.JPG (18242 bytes) Fuel tank well showing 1 of 3 rust spot areas
j8.JPG (22923 bytes) Bed area, right side.  Note the original axe strap still intact.  Also note the original rear seat retaining brackets and wire harness for the radios.
j9.JPG (20003 bytes) Left side of the bed area.  Note the red paint possibly indicating service in a fire department or brigade with the military.
j10.JPG (22767 bytes) Note the original data plate, speaker box mounting bracket, microphone hook and A/B radio switchbox.


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