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The M38A1 Restoration Site

My Jeep...

2002 National MVPA Convention Award Winner
1st Place - Motor Pool Ready Class
Post-War, 1/4 Ton, 1953 M38A1

This site has been created for the benefit of all M38A1 owners worldwide to promote the exchange of information for the M38A1 series vehicle.  When I started the refurbish of my '53 in 1997, I had virtually no information or experience with the M38A1.  Over the course of the project, I gathered and retained a tremendous amount of data.  At that same time, the concept of creating a website to share this information was born, and M38A1.COM was created.

I hope this site proves to be informative for those interested in restoring or maintaining the Willys-Overland MD series vehicle, also known as the M38A1.  

Look to the links on the left and/or top for pictures, information.  There are many links to internal and external pages which will assist those interested in the history, restoration or maintenance of the  M38A1.  All pictures should be thumbnails where you simply click over the image to see a larger version.  User your browsers 'back' button to return to the site or previous screen. 


This Site Was Created On March 20, 2000

Site last updated:  July 2018

Many thanks must be given to the following for their contributions in this achievement.  First and foremost is my Dad.  Without his help and inspiration during this process, I'd still be working on it!  Next up includes John Bizal with Midwest Military and George Baxter with Army Jeep Parts for their endless supply of correct NOS and/or take-off parts.  Their knowledge for this vehicle is absolutely amazing.  Many thanks also have to go to Peter DeBella, Brent Mullins, Kevin Emdee (Star Electric), Rick Larson (Military Stencils), Mark Dodd (RAPCO) and New Life Resources.
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