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The links to the left provide information or project details for a variety of activities not generally associated with the M38A1 project.

  • Join MVPA! is an informative page detailing the benefits of joining the Military Vehicle Preservation Association and/or a local chapter.  A really great place to meet new friends or simply get started in the hobby.
  • Flag Code is the place to visit to answer those burning questions about the proper way to display that great flag of ours.
  • 45th/Thunderbirds is an informative page containing the history of the unit where my M38A1 can trace it's roots and heritage.


06070303.JPG (130170 bytes)
A Major Mess
4th attempt at a trailer bbq pit
craig135.JPG (131009 bytes) bbqv2r.JPG (136839 bytes) m_sss_416_2.JPG (130719 bytes) rolling_14.JPG (127320 bytes)
Sgt. Mess Private Mess General Mess Mini-MB
3rd attempt at a trailer bbq pit 2nd attempt at a trailer bbq pit 1st attempt at a trailer bbq pit The Mini MB project




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