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A club convoy...


A typical display at an airshow event...

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Club bbq at an airshow


Join the MVPA Today!

As a member of the MVPA, you have full access to their broad depth of resources.  At the National level, you receive two fantastic publications bi-monthly.  These include Supply Line and Army Motors.   

Supply Line is the gold standard for parts suppliers, how-to tricks and vehicles for sale.  This publication is a must for the hobbyist, collector or restoration enthusiast.

Army Motors is the premier industry publication detailing historic activities with all types of military vehicles, stories and photographs that are second to none!

At the local level, there are a multitude of local chapters where the 'guts' of the membership reside.  These are individuals just like yourself who have a passionate interest in preserving our history of vehicles.  Local chapters typically have meetings on a regular basis and get together for events such as parades and shows.  At the local level is also the opportunity to draw on the hands-on experience of owners who have 'been there - done that".

Furthermore, the friendships and events that the local chapters foster and develop is priceless.  For example, at our local chapter level, we have at least one major convoy/bbq per season.  Many events we bring the bbq pit and have cook-outs.  We've also instituted a "Show and Tell" or "Presentation" at each monthly club meeting.  The local clubs are what you make it.  National gives us the forum and representation to keep them going!  If your interested in seeing what our club is doing at the local level, click HERE.

If your looking for a tremendous opportunity to preserve a significant portion of our mighty military history, the MVPA is the place for you!  

For more information, on National MVPA activities, visit http://www.mvpa.org

REMEMBER - If you join National, use the following number -  #17430  in the RECRUITING MEMBER SECTION as we get points for bringing new members on-board and let them know you found out about them from the M38A1.COM website.

I look forward to seeing you at the next National Convention.  

Remember - Keep 'Em Rolling!


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