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M38A1.COM Website Privacy Policy
Effective Date: March 20, 2000

This website was created and is maintained to provide information and a service to the public regarding the history, maintenance and restoration of a variety of historic military vehicles and related topics. In order to operate this website, we collect certain information about use of the site. We also allow users to send e-mail and submit other information to M38A1.com. The purpose of this privacy policy is to let you know what information is collected, why itís collected, how itís used, and the extent to which the information may be disclosed 

What information does the website collect and how do we use the information?

The website does not collect any personally identifiable information from you without your knowledge. We only collect personally identifiable information if you choose to identify yourself by sending us an e-mail or submitting other information to M38A1.com. The only personally identifiable information we collect in those instances is the information that you voluntarily submit. This site does not send "cookies" to your computer.

When you visit this website and submit information via a form, the server this site is hosted through will collect a small amount of basic information in log files that enables us to identify operational problems and correct them. The information collected includes 1)your browser type (e.g., Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer), 2)your operating system (e.g., Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux), 3)a time/date stamp, and 4)your IP address (a unique number assigned to a computer when the computer accesses the Internet). Representatives of M38A1.com personally monitor this information to ensure that the website is available for access to all users and to identify unauthorized attempts to use or alter or otherwise damage the website.

Will we share any personally identifiable information with other people or entities?

We collect personally identifiable information from you only if you voluntarily choose to send us an e-mail or submit other information to M38A1.com. If you choose to send us an e-mail, we will use the information that you submit to respond to your inquiry or request and may post the contents/response to the site. If you choose to submit other information by filling out a form that is on the M38A1.com website, we may use all information for the purpose specified in the form. 

WE WILL NOT sell to others personally identifiable information presented on the M38A1.com site.  We cannot however prevent others from illegally acquiring content from the site.  We may share the information with other related entities, web sites or organizations that foster the information exchange related to the contents of this site.

Do I have a choice whether personally identifiable information is collected?

This website only collects personally identifiable information if you voluntarily choose to identify yourself by sending us an e-mail or other information. You are free to choose not to send us an e-mail or other information if you do not want M38A1.com to receive personally identifiable information from you.

How secure is the information that I send to M38A1.com through this website?

Any personally identifiable information obtained by or through this website is maintained on a server hosted by a leading, reputable hosting organization (DellHost.com) and is protected from general public access via the Internet.  This information is also available to the webmaster of M38A1.com for use in administering the website content. 

What privacy policy applies when I link from the M38A1.com website to another site?

The M38A1.com privacy policy applies only when you are on the M38A1.com website. When you link from the M38A1.com website to another website, the M38A1.com privacy policy no longer applies; you are subject to the privacy policy of the other site(s).

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about this policy?

Please contact the Webmaster of the site.

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