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I thought it would be fun to have a section of historical pictures of M38A1's.  With that in mind, I've been able to secure permission from various people or entities to present these.  If you have an M38A1 picture and would like it here, let me know.  I'd be happy to post it with proper approval and photo credit!  Contact me at willys_m38a1@yahoo.com.

Some pictures have been placed here for tentative use pending permission.  They are placed here so the owner may view the environment they are in and make a determination based on what it will look like and how it will be used.

To assist in reducing download time, Thumbnail pictures are below - simply click on the picture to see an enlarged version.  To return to this page, use your Browsers BACK button.

KJeep1.jpg (34082 bytes) Photo Credit: www.homestead.com/youdog/korean_jeep.html  (Greg Marks used with permission)
Interesting to note the side facing seats on the rear wheel wells...  

Many thanks must go to Greg Marks for allowing use of his fathers Korean War pictures and copy.

From Greg:  The pictures were taken by my dad (Paul H Marks, Lt Col-retired) sometime during the Korean conflict. It's my understanding that he was there for the duration so I don't know what year they were taken. I believe he was a Captain at the time. He retired a Lt Colonel and has since passed away. He was in the Signal Corp but am not familiar with which units and when. I'd be interested if folks recognized aspects. I just recently read a pretty detailed write up on the wire reels (last couple of weeks).

Webmaster->  If anyone can help identify these pictures, times, locations and unit markings, please contact Greg via email at youdog99@email.msn.com  

KJeep2.jpg (34035 bytes) Photo Credit: www.homestead.com/youdog/korean_jeep.html  (Greg Marks used with permission)
Note the cold weather gear they are wearing...
KJeep3.jpg (33072 bytes) Photo Credit: www.homestead.com/youdog/korean_jeep.html  (Greg Marks used with permission)
Nice shot of an M38A1 'working'...
KJeep4.jpg (32092 bytes) Photo Credit: www.homestead.com/youdog/korean_jeep.html  (Greg Marks used with permission)
Note the rear seat again along with the radio set-up...
korea_s24sl.jpg (142394 bytes) Photo Credit: http://home.off-road.com/~merls_garage  (used with permission)
(Leon Bowie)
This was taken by Korean War vet Leon Bowie at a Korean airfield in '54-'55.  Note the large cable that would have come from the passenger side of the Jeep out of the round indentation for the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) This was used to jump start airplanes and other military equipment.  

Bridge[1].jpg (63097 bytes) Photo Credit: www.film.queensu.ca/cj3b/vietnam.html (public archives photo submitted by Morihisa Ochi) Note the lone CJ3B sandwiched between the two M38A1s...  

Thanks to Michel Giroux of Quebec to point out it was not an M38 as I had originally specified and even more thanks to Derek Redmond for pointing out it's a ARVN J4C.

M38A1_LBJ_'63.gif (189405 bytes) Photo Credit: http://home.off-road.com/~merls_garage (used with permission)
(National Archive Picture via Merl's Garage)
Note the driving rain storm going on in this 1963 dated picture.  The lead M38A1 is followed by a second M38A1 and then a M151.  And yes, that is President Johnson riding in the M38A1!

kent1970.gif (270032 bytes) Photo Credit: Kent State University
Really good shot of the M38A1 with a M31C pedestal mount and radio set...
KentStatePic2.jpg (60453 bytes) Photo Credit: Kent State University
Look carefully and you can make out the slave receptacle in the middle of a lot of NG troops...
M38A1 Watts.jpg (12259 bytes) Photo Credit: www.corbis.com
National Guard members hide behind jeeps, Watts Rios 15-Aug-65, LA California.  These are clearly M38A1s but they do not have the 2 pc windshields... Any ideas???  

UPDATE: Thanks to Derek Redmond (The CJ3B Page http://www.film.queensu.ca/cj3b) for providing information that these are probably M606A2s (based on the CJ-5) built primarily for Export Use.

M38A1 Watts1.jpg (13955 bytes) Photo Credit: www.corbis.com
Jeep driving through Watts riot area, Aug-65.


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