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All your restoration needs for the M38A1 can be found right here...

From the links on this page you will find information on:

  • All the Manuals required to restore and maintain the M38A1 1/4 ton vehicle.  These are 'must have' books if you own an M38A1.
  • Want to know capacities etc?  Check the Tabulated Data.
  • What the proper Color and Markings are when it comes time to paint.
  • Gun mounting and configurations.
  • Radio mounting and configurations.
  • Invaluable little Tips and Tricks for restoring learned along the way.
  • Parts suppliers who have virtually every part you will need to maintain or restore your vehicle.  I recommend these people 100% as being 'good-guys' to deal with.  I used them in my restoration.
  • Actual Project Time to complete various restoration activities.  A detailed project time log was kept and provided to you for reference.  It's pretty much based on an average mechanical ability, standard tools and a desire to work on an M38A1!
  • Actual Project Expenses for this restoration.  This will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect for costs in major component areas.
  • A series of "Before" Pictures to document the jeep prior to the restoration
  • A series of "During Restoration Pictures" as it went back together.  This is a good reference if you want to know what something looks like (or is supposed to look like)
  • A LOT of people ask me "What is my M38A1 worth"?  Use this to determine pricing based on condition
  • FAQ's page is under construction at this time....



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