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We have made every attempt to not actively solicit funding to support and maintain the site.  However, with the monthly hosting fees, outside financial support is a necessary expense  we must now deal with.

There is no requirement to donate for the use of the site.  We only ask if you believe you have received benefit from the site, to contribute to its continued success.  Suggested levels include:

  • Bronze Sponsor - $25 
  • Silver Sponsor - $26 - $50
  • Gold - $50 - $100
  • Platinum - $101 - $250
  • Titanium - $251 - $500
  • Unobtanium - $501 and up

If you believe you have received benefit from this site, please PayPal to willys_m38a1@yahoo.com

Tremendous thanks must go to the following who have contributed:

Banning Industries Bruce Banning
  William Boots
  Alton Eady



Through your generous support, M38A1.COM can continue to provide the information you need for the M38A1.


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