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Event: Veterans Day Parade
Date: 11-Nov-03
Location: Austin, Texas
Description: Wow! ELEVEN mil-veh's and guests.

This was one heck of a great club showing for the club.  We had NINE quarter-tons, a 1 1/2T and a 2 1/2T in addition to many other members and guests riding in our magnificent vehicles.   John brought his MB, Tim W brought his MB, Glen V brought his CJ2A, Herb T brought his GPW, and carried "Sarge", Jim H brought his MB, Barry F brought his 1 1/2T Chevrolet, I brought my M38A1 and dad, John, John S brought his M35A2, Danny brought his M151A2/M416, Toby brought his MB and his M170 driven by Ray Z.  Kenny W, Jeni L, and Ward B also were present and accounted for.

We all met at the TxDot parking lot between 7:00 and 7:30am.  After mingling, about 8:00am we headed out into the traffic that was quite nice in letting all of us on Riverside Dr. all at one time, then headed to the South end of the Congress Ave. bridge.  After several stages, we finally rested for a bit in one place.  At 9:15am, the parade started and progressed up Congress Ave. to the Capital and the parades conclusion.

After the parade, we all met back at the TxDot parking lot and hung around for some time before we started to disperse.  The crowds were larger than those in past years and the weather cooperated nicely with an early morning fog transforming into sunny skies and warm temperatures.  After the parade, the clouds began to roll in but at that point, nobody cared.

To all the veterans of the United States in all conflicts and wars, we salute you and are proud of your service to our country!

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Tim's MB Glen's CJ2A Jim's MB Herb's GPW John's MB
03vetj.JPG (58413 bytes) 03vetk.JPG (57195 bytes) 03vetl.JPG (58173 bytes) 03vetm.JPG (57878 bytes) 03vetn.JPG (43142 bytes)
Toby's MB My M38A1 & Dad Toby's M170 Danny's M151A2 Barry's 1 1/2T Chevy
03veto.JPG (57027 bytes) 03vetp.JPG (52484 bytes) 03vetq.JPG (48148 bytes) 03vetu.JPG (44820 bytes) 03vetw.JPG (38986 bytes)
John's M35A2 On the bridge... The bridge... Wreath for memorial in the M170 Looking up Congress Ave.  The Capital in the background


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