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Event: Wimberly July 4th Parade
Date: 04-Jul-03
Location: Wimberly, Texas
Description: Rain, rain, go away...

Somehow in Texas, these July 4 parades can either be sweltering hot or very very wet.  Most, if not all are rarely in the middle somewhere.  The annual July 4th Parade in Wimberly was no exception to one of the 'swing' sides this year.  A safe bet would have been that most, if not all participants never bothered to check weather radar before departing for this delightful little town approximately 30 miles Southwest of Austin.  For most of us, the morning was beautiful, crisp and very few clouds.

However, as we all approached Wimberly, the clouds began to form and just about everyone of his hit a 'wall of water' somewhere along the way.   But not to despair.  We all arrived with our vehicles, unloaded in the parking lot of the local VFW.  Those who made it the the VFW included our host, Lewis S and his M38A1, Glen V and his CJ2A, Danny K and his M151A2/M416, my dad and I with my M38A1, Jeff McD driving an MB, Tim W driving his newly acquired GPW, Mercer B and his fine M37 and John S with the mighty M35A2.

While at the VFW, we were treated to coffee and donuts.  During the wait, the rain lifted and finally stopped as we motored a beautiful 3 or 4 miles into town where we then staged at the local church.

After much standing around, the parade finally began.  With 1 motorscooter, 6 quarter-tons, a 3/4 ton and a 2-1/2 ton the group started the quaint, friendly 2 or so mile parade route.  The significant number of spectators for this small town was quite impressive.

After the parade, we headed back to the VFW to load the vehicles and make the return trips in dry, humid and Texas hot weather.  Based on this years event, we can't wait for next year to come around.  Many thanks to Lewis and his VFW post for their hospitality as well!

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03wimba.JPG (29658 bytes) 03wimbb.JPG (37381 bytes) 03wimbc.JPG (43557 bytes) 03wimbd.JPG (40449 bytes) 03wimbe.JPG (41104 bytes)
WWII Vet nose-gunner shot down Christmas Day during the battle of the bulge and walked back to US lines. John's mighty M35A2 Jeff next to Tim's MB Tim and his new GPW My M38A1 with dad in the back
03wimbf.JPG (43496 bytes) 03wimbg.JPG (44738 bytes) 03wimbh.JPG (39821 bytes) 03wimbi.JPG (43228 bytes) 03wimbj.JPG (46559 bytes)
Glen V's CJ2A next to Lewis's M38A1 Danny and his M151A2 At the staging area... The deuce and Mercer's M37 B Model Danny's M151A2
03wimbk.JPG (52865 bytes) 03wimbl.JPG (46492 bytes)
The 1945 Servi-Car for mail delivery Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans (TAVVV)


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