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Event: Boy Scout Parade
Date: 08-Feb-03
Location: Austin, Texas
Description: Word of the day - COLD.

The Boy Scout Parade on 8 Feb 03 went off without a hitch despite persistent rain and temperatures in the 30s and low 40s.  Spectator turnout was as low as one could have expected -- almost nonexistent.  Although there was some attrition of scouts and vehicles due to the weather, quite a few scouts and parents showed up including one or two bands. 

The Lone Star MVPA made one of the strongest showings.  Thanks to those of you who were able to make it out: Danny K., myself., John K., Fred H., Toby C., Glen V., and Warren C.  Special thanks to Warren for getting the truck out -- made a big difference.  No scouts from our detachment had to walk.  We were on time. Squared away.  Ready to roll.  Mission accomplished. Job well done. 

Serious consideration is now being given to creation of a "frozen meat" medal or "meat locker" award for this event, last year's Texas Independence Day Parade, and future cold weather exercises!

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Here's my trailer just after loading the jeep.  That's snow in Austin! Danny's M151A2 Our host and his daughter.  Hats off as he brought coffee and breakfast tacos. My M38A1 Toby's MB
03scouth.JPG (33963 bytes) 03scouti.JPG (26752 bytes) 03scoutj.JPG (34283 bytes)
Glen's CJ John's M35A2 John's MB


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