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Event: Manor Lionsfest Parade
Date: 20-Sep-03
Location: Manor, Texas
Description: Small.

This has to be one of the smallest parades we attend as a club.  Me, Danny, Tim and dad  arrived early Saturday morning and unloaded our vehicles.  Claude wandered in about the start of the parade.  A pair of HUMMERS were just behind us in the load/unload area and we had some great conversation with the drivers about their vehicles and capabilities.

About 9:50am, the group moved a hundred yards or so to the staging area.  Included in this years parade were a marching band, two John Deere tractors, a few horse entries, two Ford Mavricks, three military vehicles and a couple kid's tractors pulling barrel rides of some type.  Needless to say, this year was sparse for attendance.

Promptly at 10am, the parade started.  The route took us up the main street in Manor and was a whopping .75mi one way from where we unloaded.  The entire trip was 1.50mi.  Along the route, Danny was tossing spent shell casings and the kids went crazy.

We met back at the load/unload area, packed up and discussed the event.  Based on the significant decrease in size each year, a short discussion was held on whether to continue attendance in the future. By 11am, we had left and this was one for the record books.

In the end, it's still yet another event we can get the mil-veh's out and play with them for a while.

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03manora.JPG (44975 bytes) 03manorb.JPG (43237 bytes) 03manorc.JPG (47918 bytes) 03manord.JPG (48490 bytes) 03manore.JPG (48164 bytes)
Danny's M151A2 followed by my M38A1 and Tim's MB My M38A1 and Tim's MB Recruiting Hummer ...and a really beat up one Tim's MB
03manorf.JPG (46309 bytes) 03manorg.JPG (41759 bytes) 03manorh.JPG (34715 bytes) 03manori.JPG (33137 bytes) 03manorj.JPG (37764 bytes)
My M38A1 Dad, Danny and Tim Little tractor entry Another little tractor entry A bigger tractor
03manork.JPG (35569 bytes) 03manorl.JPG (29430 bytes) 03manorm.JPG (38616 bytes) 03manorn.JPG (26867 bytes)
...and yet another! And the horses... ...and Mavericks ...and little horses.   (see a pattern here???)


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