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Event: Keep 'Em Rolling
Date: 05-Jul-03
Location: Studio2Galleries, Austin, Texas
Description: What a fun event to follow the July 4th Holiday...

Studio2 Gallery hosted a "Keep 'Em Rolling" event showcasing war art and photographs.  Tina Weitz, owner of Studio2 Gallery amassed a significant collection of combat art including the contemporary work of Adreon Henry; printmaking and art by New York artist, Marc Dennis; 1962 Vietnam war photos by veteran helicoptor pilot Ramon Williams; ethereal paintings regarding the devices of war by Marc Silva; a wallpaper portrait of Anne Frank by Channe Felton, and armory images by Tina Weitz.

On a cloudy day after all the big July 4 parades, many members found their way to the hillside and displayed their vehicles.  Included were Tim W and his MB and newly acquired GPW, John K and his MB, Barry F and his 1 1/2T Chevrolet, me and my M38A1 and John S and his M35A2 and trailer.  Other members that made an appearance included Danny K and his WWII veteran uncle Charlie, Claude V, Herb T.

The vehicles were arranged on a hillside overlooking S. Lamar where a significant amount of traffic could see the vehicles.  As a result, many people came by to stop, look, photograph and chat with the club members.

The art show was impressive with a variety of black and white images by Tina Weitz, powerful color Vietnam photographs by Ramon Williams including a 70 piece slide show of his work, and artwork by Marc Dennis, Marc Silva and Channe Felton.  

As this was the first event of it's kind and based on the response received, this may very well be an annual event.  Stay tuned!

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The hillside with vehicles... Barry's WWII Chevrolet 1 1/2 Ton My '53 M38A1 Tim's GPW and MB John's MB
03keepe.JPG (36581 bytes) 03keepf.JPG (15919 bytes)
John's M35A2 Inside the display area


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