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Event: Driftwood Pioneer Days Parade
Date: 27-Sep-03
Location: Driftwood, Texas
Description: Smallest, ok-shortest.

Yet another Driftwood Pioneer Days parade is in the books.  At .50 miles (1/2mi) in length, this one has to be the shortest in distance of all the events we participate in each year.  Early Saturday morning, Danny trailered his jeep/trailer combo over to my house.  Herb drove his jeep over as well and the three of us had a convoy to Driftwood.  Rolling out from the house about 7:15am, the group took the back roads to get to Camp Ben McCullough road, out past the Salt Lick and finally the staging area in Driftwood.  There was one float already present and the three of them arrived about 7:40am.  Lewis S drove in from Wimberley to join the group and a bit later John K showed up with his jeep on the trailer and joined us in the staging line.

For a good hour or more, we enjoyed good conversation, saw John's new toy - a backpack radio, and generally waited for the start of the great parade.  Promptly at 9:30, the parade started.  We were behind a group of Brownie scouters so our pace was Low-Low-1st on the transmissions and that was just fine.  As mentioned, the route is only .50 miles long (about 800 yards)  As the group approached town, the last 150 yards had spectators lining the roadway.  A script was provided earlier and read aloud to the people watching the parade.  The script informed the group of the year, model and period of each vehicle.

After the parade, we continued about another 150 yards past the 'town center', pulled into the grass and parked the vehicles.  Lewis took off back home.  The rest of us wandered in and around the various vendors for Driftwoods festival.  After 30 minutes or so, we headed back to the vehicles, waited a bit for traffic to clear from the parade and headed home.

All in all, a really fun "little" event if you have nothing better to do on a beautiful Saturday morning in late September!

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My M38A1, Herb's GPW and Danny's M151A2 Herb's GIANT generator Lewis's M38A1 Before the parade at staging More staging
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John's new 'toy' Along the route ...the route After we were finished, a large tractor entry Some of the festivities
03driftk.JPG (70331 bytes) 03driftl.JPG (37484 bytes)
Food booths Hay's counties finest...


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