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Event: Saturday Night Car Show
Date: 21-Jun-03
Location: Austin, Texas
Description: After sitting on my butt for several months not replacing the master cylinder, I finally broke down and ordered it earlier this week.  John Bizal at Midwest Military was kind enough to send me one and I received it within a few days.

After spending a few hours remembering why I didn't do it earlier (it's a MAJOR pain to get to and replace) I just 'did it' as the saying goes.  Within a few hours, I had the old one off and the new one installed.  Topped off the brake fluid and much to my amazement, little bubbles started flowing right away.  I let it 'do it's thing' for a few minutes then lightly pressed the pedal.  More bubbles and the fluid level went down.  Hmmmm.  I say to myself, "Self, this might actually work".

With that in mind, I pumped the pedal a few times, added some more fluid and haven't yet had to bleed them.  Pretty amazing since the front and rear lines were disconnected at the master cylinder for a few hours.

Anyway, now that the jeep is back on-line, I decided to take it for a 15 mile little test.  Everything held up fine including the brakes!  So.... I loaded up the cooler and headed over to the local Albertson's grocery parking lot here in town.  About 5:15pm, the cars started rolling in.  All in all, over 75 cars showed up for the informal gathering.  The "little green mule" was a hit as always boasting the steepest gearing at 5:38's.  Much bragging was going on in that I could beat anyone and I mean ANYONE for the first three inches off the line!

The Mustangs were in full force including supercharged, turbocharged and normally aspirated engines.  The Corvettes were there, as well as the Chevelles, roadsters, kit-cars and motorcycles.

About dark, I brought the jeep home and hopped on my motorcycle to finish out the night at the show.  Lots of fun.

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The Albertson's parking lot about 5:30pm A few nice older Corvettes A 454 Chevy in front of my little M38A1 Can you fit anymore cubic inches under the hood?  A Ford 429 in a Mustang. How about a Corvette engine in an older Camaro?


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