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Event: Fleet Maintenance Radio Remote
Date: November 22, 2003
Location: Fleet Maintenance of Texas, Austin, Texas
Description: Danny K, our club Events Coordinator was asked if the club could participate with several vehicles for a radio remote they had planned involving country and western station KVET here in Austin.  Danny mustered the troops and three vehicles arrived.  Danny brought his M151A2/M416 combo, I drove his M38A1 and Tim W brought his Ford GPW.  The vehicles were staged out front of Fleets headquarters on 7th Street.  Radio personality Janice Williams from KVET was present as well and did a mighty fine job of explaining the radio business as well as providing excellent on-air coverage of the event.

The primary purpose of the remote was to draw traffic in for 'camper and RV check-ups'.  Fleet is a maintenance and repair facility for campers, RV's, generators, power supplies etc. for a variety of vehicle types.  In addition, FMOT maintains vehicle fleets and provides 24 hour service for certain truck and tractor items.  A NAPA representative was also present as was Rudy's BBQ and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

About 8:30am, Danny, me and Tim arrived while the radio remote was being set-up.  The day was very sunny and warm but the wind was fierce from the South.  A strong cold front was expected later in the day explaining the winds.  Coffee, breakfast tacos and donuts were provided.  It also took lots of skill from the various vendors to keep their items on the tables without blowing across the parking lot!

During the event, many people came in off the street with their RV's to purchase items or schedule service or maintenance and register for door prizes.  Every half hour or so, a drawing was held to give away items such as a Garmin GPS, took kit and the grand prize - a portable generator.

11:00am came soon and the party was over for this great little event.  Thanks Pat and Fleet for having us!

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Scott's M38A1 Danny's M151A2/M416 Danny's M151A2 The 3 vehicles The KVET remote
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3 club vehicles Fleet's food and give-a-ways Tim's GPW Scott's M38A1
03fleetm.JPG (53044 bytes) 03fleetl.JPG (43068 bytes)
KVET's Janice Williams Janet and Technician


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