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Event: University of Texas / Texas A&M Football Game
Date: 25-Nov-00
Location: UT Memorial Stadium, Austin TX
Description: This event is a rededication of Memorial Stadium on the UT campus in honor of Mr. Louis Jordan, a WW-1 veteran.  Mr. Jordan was from Fredericksburg, TX and an engineering student at UT when WW-1 broke out.  He went to war and was the first United States officer to be killed.  The rededication was a result of stadium renovations which required movement of the original 100' flagpole to a new location. During the ceremony, a 48 star flag was raised to full-staff, then half-staff while a group of local reenactment specialists (including our own members John K and Scott S) dressed in period correct WW-1 uniforms fired a 21 gun salute.  Moments later, a flight of four F-16 fighters screamed over the stadium.

As for the football game, each year, Texas plays Texas A&M in one of the countries rivalry games.  The club was asked to provide vehicles and members in uniform to assist with the rededication ceremonies.  For this event, we had Greg B's 1942 GPW, John K's 1945 MB and Scott S's 1953 M38A1.  Scott S (another "S") was also present for the activities and participated in the rededication ceremonies.

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00ut1.JPG (28164 bytes) Here's my jeep out front of Memorial Stadium before the game...
00ut2.JPG (32919 bytes) And here is a fellow club members '42 script Ford (l), my M38A1 (c) and another members '45 MB (r)
00ut6.JPG (27280 bytes) The WWI reenactors firing their authentic M1903 Springfield rifles.  Note the 48 star flag in the background.
00ut7.JPG (30632 bytes) Here come the University of Texas Longhorns before the game!
00ut8.JPG (21494 bytes) John K, a member in his WWI uniform, 48 star flag in back...
00ut9.JPG (25163 bytes) BEVO, the UT mascot...
00ut10.JPG (34535 bytes) Old Smokey, the UT Spirit Cannon...
00ut11.JPG (11276 bytes) The scoreboard with a minute or so to go.  UT 43 - A&M 17
00ut12.JPG (14137 bytes) A&M's mascot, Revelle after the game was over...


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