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Event:    US ARMY 225th Anniversary / Flag Day
Location: US ARMY Recruiting Station, Round Rock  Texas
Description: This 'event' was a lot of fun for as small as it was.  I had wanted to be part of the 225th anniversary of the US ARMY which was in conjunction with Flag Day so I called a few recruiting stations to see what was going on for the event.  None were interested except one in Round Rock (about 20 miles North of Austin).  I trailered the jeep to their station, set it up and 'hung-out'.  The recruiters had invited many people for an invocation, cake and friendship.  Among those who attended were recent recruits, current and former military personnel.  The jeep was a big hit and I had the opportunity to better understand what the recruiting function is all about.  (not to mention eating a lot of cake which is always welcome...)

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00cruit1.JPG (30518 bytes) Doesn't it look like a 'super marine' is looking out the window on the right side of the jeep?
00cruit2.JPG (30979 bytes) Another shot...


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