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Event:   Burnet Air Show
Location: Burnet  Texas
Description: The Burnet Air Show presented a wonderful opportunity for a picture we as a club have been after for some time.  Present for the show included members vehicles encompassing every iteration of the 1/4 ton jeep since it was created.  We even had an M998 (Hummer) compliments of the National Guard for photos.

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00bas_1.JPG (13561 bytes) Starting from the right and working to the left, we have a 1942 Willys MB.  The MB was replaced by the M38 in 1950.  Here is a 1951 M38.  To the left of the M38 is a 1953 M38A1 which replaced the M38 in 1952.  The M38A1 was produced from 1952 through 1966 for US use and through 1971 or so for export to the Netherlands.  In 1966, the M151 series replaced the M38A1.  Here is a 1970 M151A2.  To the left of the M151A2 is the M998 HUMVEE which replaced the M151 series vehicles.  The last vehicle is not considered part of the 1/4 ton lineage.  It's a 1970 M35A2 2 1/2 Ton cargo truck belonging to a club member.  All vehicles except the hummer are privately owned.
00bas_2.JPG (23985 bytes) Here we all are, proud drivers/owners of rolling military history...
00bas_3.JPG (20763 bytes) Another view...
00bas_4.JPG (27874 bytes) ...and the front-ends of each...

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