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Event:    Georgetown Air Show
Location: Georgetown Airport, Georgetown  Texas
Description: The Georgetown Air Show is a favorite show for the central Texas military vehicle collectors, Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans (TAVV) and the Texas Military Historical Association.  We were all invited to be part of this years show.  In addition to the regular air show activities, the three groups mentioned above put on a re-enactment from both WWII and Vietnam.  Both shows were a fantastic hit with the spectators.

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00gtown0.JPG (30992 bytes) The banner/logo from the show...
00gtown1.JPG (27824 bytes) Before the show started (which was a LONG weekend) I had the opportunity to take a shot of just the M38A1 by itself and a lone '52 XM211 2 1/2 ton truck belonging to a fellow club member.  I brought along "Bowman" and the tent as well.  
00gtown2.JPG (28378 bytes) On Saturday morning, a gentleman from Beaumont Texas showed up and asked if he could set-up his Korean tent display.  I agreed and the above tent and equipment was added.  His collection included a nice cold weather display, rifles, camp equipment etc.  The camo helmet slipped in by mistake.
00gtown3.JPG (28005 bytes) Here's "Bowman" again!  He's dressed in correct Korean period gear.  His pants and shirt are M1951 pattern manufactured in 1952.  His helmet is a steel-pot (fixed bails) from WWII.  The web gear is all 1940's dated equipment.  Only his boots are new issue.
00gtown4.JPG (29014 bytes) Here's a few WWII MB's and a half-track that fellow club members brought to the show.  All the equipment, tents, vehicles are privately owned.
00gtown5.JPG (30234 bytes) Another couple of members vehicles and displays... They include a 1970 M151A2 and a 70ish M35A2 2 1/2 ton wrecker to complete the Vietnam display.


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