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Event:    Goliad Parade
Location: Goliad  Texas
Description: Goliad is about 120 miles South and East of Austin.  Several of us from Austin left very early with the vehicles on trailers to meet up with some club members from San Antonio who didn't have near as far to drive.  It was a very dreary and cloudy day for a parade to say the least.  The club won a ribbon for the group traveling the farthest.  After the parade, we went to the fair and rodeo for lunch.  We had some really good BBQ and then headed home just at the right time.  The rain gods had had enough and it poured buckets most of the trip home.  I can tell you that the canvas seats and top take a LONG time to dry out!

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00golia1.JPG (29252 bytes) Shot of the jeep and M416 trailer just after unloading.  I have a 20' tandem axle trailer with electric brakes that I use to haul the jeep/trailer on to events that are far from home.  The combination works very well.  For travel however, I take the gun/mount down.
00golia2.JPG (30955 bytes) Line-up of club vehicles prior to the start.  We have in line, a 1970 M151A2 with M416 trailer, followed by a 1953 M38A1 and M416, a 1942 Willys MB with Bantam trailer and a 1970 M35A2.
00golia3.JPG (33646 bytes) The rain gods were threatening with every block of the parade so the gun/mount came off and the soft top went up.  The trailer is a 1966 M416 which has also been restored is a great place to store items.  Incidentally, the M416 has 16" jeep rims/tires and Korean code paint instead of the correct M416 wheels and camo paint...
00golia4.JPG (26700 bytes) After the parade, we each took a shot of our vehicles with the trophy for traveling the farthest to the parade!
00golia5.JPG (25407 bytes) Good shot of my Dad and the jeep.  One of the primary reasons I purchased this model was he served in the tail end of WWII as well as the early part of Korea.  He and I spent a lot of time together restoring the vehicle.  It was a great time for both of us and the events make it all the more enjoyable to attend together.


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