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Event:    Gonzales "Come and Take It" Parade
Location: Gonzales  Texas
Description: I wasn't quite sure I was going to have the the jeep ready for this one.  If you recall I ordered a new carburetor and it arrived on Thursday before the Saturday parade.  Dad and I put it on and, turned the engine over and it promptly spewed fuel about 6 feet from a crack in the top plate casting.  I called the supplier and told him of our problem.  I also asked if he missed his UPS shipment for the day and he had.  That left us with one option and I said we could be there in two hours if we drove.  So Dad and I headed off to College Station to pick-up a new rebuilt Carter YS.  Brent was cordial about the problem and we left.  Had dinner on College Station and drove home arriving about 10:00pm.  By 10:30 we had the new one on and ready to fire up.  We looked at each other with a question of 'where do we initially set the air/fuel mixture'?  So...we took the old carburetor and indexed where the adjustment screw was on it and set the new one to the same point - 2 1/4 turns open.  I put the ignition to it, hit the starter and it fired right up!  We let it idle up to operating temperature and everything seemed fine.  We didn't adjust the air/fuel mixture after installation or the idle adjustment - everything was OK!

The Gonzales Come and Take It Parade is a BIG event.  I counted in excess of 136 parade entries including everything from our mil-vehs to pulling tractors, horses, floats, cars, antique trucks etc.  You name it, it was there.  Total parade route was about 3 miles long in the misty rain.  It had rained pretty hard on the way there (about 60 miles East of Austin) but let up for the event.  Then, after loading up the trailers, it rained on the way back.  Gonzales is purported to be where the first shot of the fight for Texas independence occurred.  We had a M151A2, M38A1, M38 and MB present.  Good event - but wet!

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00gonz1.JPG (31919 bytes) Just rolled off the trailer for this shot.  You will note the canvas top is up for this one - pretty wet parade today...Kind of chilly as well.  Wondering about the side curtains and doors at this point.  But then again - it's pretty HOT here most of the time.
00gonz2.JPG (31595 bytes) Here's Dannys M151A2 with the MVPA banners and flags he likes to display...
00gonz3.JPG (27109 bytes) Good shot of all four vehicles present for the parade.  They include a '70 M151A2/M416, '53 M38A1, '52 M38 and a 4x MB.
00gonz4.JPG (28984 bytes) Another shot of Dannys jeep and trailer...
00gonz5.JPG (30148 bytes) The M38A1
00gonz6.JPG (32669 bytes) The M38
00gonz7.JPG (30669 bytes) The MB
00gonz8.JPG (26588 bytes) ...and me trying to stay dry and warm in the comfort of my jeep!  By the way - the new carburetor worked perfectly!
00gonz9.JPG (33483 bytes) Another shot of Danny in his M151A2...
00gonz10.JPG (28583 bytes) ...and some smooching in the back-seat of an M38


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