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Event:    Randolph AFB Air Show
Location: Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio  Texas
Description: This was a fun event to partake in along with our fellow club members from San Antonio.  I trailered the jeep to a club members house, unloaded and waited for another member to show up.  From there, the three of us (2 M38's and my M38A1) drove about 20 miles to the Air Force base where we were promptly allowed entry without admission.  We setup under the wing of a C5 Galaxy and learned we were about 1/2 mile from where we should be.  So, we packed up and moved closer to the flight line and where the spectators would be.  We enjoyed a fantastic air show display of restored F4's and F105's along with the Thunderbirds.  We also responded to many inquires about our vehicles and the club activities.  After the show, we drove back, loaded up and headed home.  During the trip, I noticed the speedometer started 'bouncing' a bit.  Seems another gremlin is beginning to appear...

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00rafb1.jpg (49356 bytes) Logo from the printed materials for the air show...
00rafb2.JPG (19858 bytes) The M38A1 parked under the wind of a C-141 Starlifter or one VERY LARGE plane!  I kink of like the reflection of the under wing on the jeep - looks like a flash and reflector was used for the picture.
00rafb3.JPG (18542 bytes) In addition to my '53 M38A1 (left), we had a '52 M38 (center) and a '51 M38 (right).  Both M38's are club members from San Antonio.


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