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Event:    FarWest Blvd 4th of July Parade
Location: Far West Blvd, Austin  Texas
Description: The Far West Blvd annual July 4th Parade has been a local neighborhood tradition for 23 years.  It's a short (7 blocks) parade that winds up in a school parking lot of the local elementary school where cookies and drinks are served.  This was the first time for me to bring the jeep to the parade.  Remember the running rough gremlin???  The jeep died about 3/4 way through the parade with a fuel flooding problem - again.  After we pushed it on the trailer and I got it home, it fired right up.  Go figure...

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00farw1.JPG (40874 bytes) Here is my great-aunt, Dorothy Tesche.  This was her FIRST ride in a jeep and her first time to be in a parade!  her late husband, Walter Tesche was a career military person who was at Pearl Harbor when attacked and was involved in many major landings.
00farw2.JPG (36914 bytes) Aunt Dot again...Behind the gun is my father-in-law Danny K.  He has the '70 M151A2 and M416 you see in lots of other events.  He chose to 'ride' for this one...
00farw3.JPG (37227 bytes) This shot shows about 1/3 of the parade route up Far West Blvd.  I jumped out to snap this picture and when I got in, the jeep had died.  Wouldn't start either....Hmmmmm....Smelled like lots of fuel/flooding...Hmmmmm.....Keep following the gremlin.....Fuel diaphragm? Float? Needle seat?  Stay tuned...  :-(  Actually it wasn't that bad of a day.  I had trailered the jeep to the parade so a few guys and I just pushed the jeep on it, tied it down and took it home.  Good chance I won't make it to the McDade parade in 4 days...


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