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M170 - Ambulance Variant

(Gary Keating - Reprinted with permission)
This vehicle, owned by Gary Keating was registered February, 1954 with the USMC

A total of 4,155 M170 Frontline Ambulances were designed and produced by Kaiser Jeep of Toledo Ohio from the mid-1950's to the early 1960's.  In essence, the M170 was a stretched M38A1 with an additional 20 inches added to the wheelbase for a total of 101".  These vehicles (M170) were the predecessor of the CJ6 civilian model by approximately two years with production beginning in October 1953 for the M170 and August 1955 for the CJ6.

The vehicle required a crew of 2 to operate the vehicle.  One was delegated driving duties while the other attended to the injured soldiers.  The vehicles capacity was 6 sitting passengers or 3 on litters.

A larger fuel tank (20 gal) was installed to increase distance (300 miles) available between the front line and medical facilities.  The spare tire was secured in a special wheel well on the right, interior side of the vehicle.

Standard accessories consisted of hand tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, hammer etc.  In addition, vehicle tools were included consisting of a jack, handle, spark plug wrench and assorted wrenches all located under the passenger seat area.  A canvas top, top bows, doors, stretchers and auxiliary power light were also included.  The vehicle was not however fitted with the standard military pintle hitch on the rear or a front mounted winch.

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m170_u.JPG (10489 bytes) Battery Box - cam lever strap type
m170_a.JPG (17184 bytes) Front Grill with the fixed large center bolt noted by the blue arrow
m170_f.JPG (19927 bytes)

m170_e.JPG (21047 bytes)

Radiator support rods, both sides
m170_p.JPG (16083 bytes) Front Fender Seam - 
m170_v.JPG (7386 bytes) Front Bumper, wide, no holes with USMC type lifting rings.
m170_b.JPG (15277 bytes)

m170_g.JPG (16776 bytes)

m170_c.JPG (14994 bytes)

Longer (101") Wheelbase

Interior Pictures...

m170_j.JPG (16698 bytes) m170_k.JPG (10869 bytes) m170_l.JPG (12755 bytes)
m170_m.JPG (16926 bytes) m170_n.JPG (18549 bytes) m170_o.JPG (10444 bytes)
m170_q.JPG (15923 bytes) m170_r.JPG (14057 bytes) m170_t.JPG (10980 bytes)

Gary Keating for the pictures of his restored M170 Frontline Ambulance.


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