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M38A1"C" - 106 Recoilless Rifle Variant

(Jim Kelley - Reprinted with permission)

38a1c_i.jpg (152562 bytes) 38a1c_a.jpg (148125 bytes) 38a1c_h.jpg (158609 bytes)

This 1952 M38A1 "C" model is owned by Mr. Ken Eaton.  The vehicle has a serial number of MD20407.

Mr. Ken Eaton, the owner of this 1952 M38A1 "C" model, or 106mm recoilless rifle variant is a part of his extensive collection of historic military vehicles located in Cortland NY.  The history of the vehicle is fairly well documented with an unknown person purchasing the vehicle as surplus from the Binghamton National Guard.  A second person then purchased the vehicle and completed an excellent restoration including fabrication of the 106mm rifle.  Mr. Eaton purchased the vehicle thus becoming the third private party owner.  The 106 rounds were purchased from Beachwood Canvas.

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38a1c_b.jpg (78267 bytes) Battery Box - 8 Thumb Screws
38a1c_c.jpg (144027 bytes) Front Grill and bumper assembly
38a1c_f.jpg (99574 bytes) Radiator - No support rods
38a1c_d.jpg (79896 bytes) Front Fender Seam - Early style
38a1c_g.jpg (118909 bytes) Rear reinforced spring shackles
38a1c_t.jpg (143781 bytes) Spare tire location and alternate fuel can mounting
38a1c_j.jpg (117900 bytes) 106mm data plate
38a1c_k.jpg (148447 bytes) 106mm projectiles and 'mounting tripod' assembly.
38a1c_l.jpg (82726 bytes) Carry cradle and lock-down mechanism for the 106 barrel.
38a1c_m.jpg (150027 bytes) Breech of the .50 cal. spotting rifle.
38a1c_n.jpg (153279 bytes) Breech of the 106.
38a1c_o.jpg (130215 bytes) 106mm 'mounting tripod' and 106mm round storage.
38a1c_p.jpg (76192 bytes) 106mm projectiles (inert).
38a1c_q.jpg (115470 bytes) 106mm projectiles.
38a1c_r.jpg (142330 bytes) Elevation adjustment wheel.
38a1c_s.jpg (143986 bytes) .50 cal magazine for spotting rifle.
38a1c_u.jpg (139472 bytes) 3/4 shot of the 106 mounting 'tripod' assembly.
38a1c_v.jpg (111230 bytes) The 'business end' of the 106.  Note the clear plastic piece added by the owner to reduce wind while driving.

Mr. Jim Kelly for providing his original pictures of the "C" model from when he was in Korea
Mr. Ken Eaton for providing pictures of his restored "C" model featured here.
Mr. Bill Harris for taking the pictures and forwarding them for the site.

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