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Early CJ5 Variant

54cj5a.jpg (80461 bytes)
A 1954 CJ5 as found in Brownwood, Texas summer of 2002

Here is a 1954 titled CJ5 located in Brownwood, Texas.  The data plate was intact showing a serial number of 57548 23762.  

However, there are several modifications that had been made to this unit, but nothing too severe.  There are many attributes of this vintage CJ5 that came directly from the M38A1.  Since this was the first production year of the CJ5, it's amazing to see the similarities.  Other than the minor modifications listed, this is a pretty nice example of a 'on the road daily driver' early CJ5.

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54cj5b.jpg (70989 bytes) Don't believe the roll bar was stock in the early models???
54cj5c.jpg (90045 bytes) The owner had added the rear drop tailgate, covered the stock tail-lamps and added some additional mounting hardware to the stock bumper.
54cj5d.jpg (67373 bytes) A gun rack was added.
54cj5e.jpg (86423 bytes)
54cj5f.jpg (80042 bytes) A second battery tray and battery isolator have been added.
53a179cj.jpg (123825 bytes) Interesting picture of a 1953 M38A1 and a 1979 Silver Anniversary 25th year CJ5.  (The silver anniversary jeep has aftermarket side exhaust)

Don Stoops of Austin Texas for providing use of his 1979 Silver Anniversary edition CJ5

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