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j54.JPG (29318 bytes) 02-May-98
Another great day - Install the body.  Dad and I did this in about 30 minutes start to 8 bolt lockdown finish!
j55.JPG (26287 bytes) 02-May-98
Interior shot of the body only...
j56.JPG (28933 bytes) 03-May-98
Install the front grill assembly.
j57.JPG (23387 bytes) 09-May-98
Install the glove box and battery box.
j58.JPG (27322 bytes) 26-May-98
Install lights, fenders and blackout light.
j59.JPG (29613 bytes) 26-May-98
Install body accessories such as fuel can mount, can, spare tire mount and spare tire.
j60.JPG (31101 bytes) 26-May-98
Right side of the engine area.
j61.JPG (34477 bytes) 26-May-98
Left side...
j62.JPG (31773 bytes) 06-Jun-98
Install windshield, seats, canvas and dash panel.
j63.JPG (32241 bytes) 06-Jun-98
Another shot...

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