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j34.JPG (18499 bytes) 03-Oct-97
Fenders and other parts after primer.
j35.JPG (23485 bytes) 03-Oct-97
The Paint Booth aka: home...  That's my Dad out front and I couldn't have done this without him - Thanks!
j36.JPG (21328 bytes) 03-Oct-97
The PPG products dried in very short order and the weather was perfect for painting.  Here's the first coat on the grill and fenders.
j37.JPG (19128 bytes) Oct-03-97
And paint to the body tub...
j38.JPG (39129 bytes) 22-Nov-97
Here's the 1966 M416 trailer I purchased.  The tub, frame, springs and tongue were in excellent condition.  Lots of coats of OD paint though...
j39.JPG (31002 bytes) 22-Nov-97
The trailer was stripped of all its accessories, sandblasted, primered and painted to match the jeep.  Same paint and primer as the jeep.  OD#24087
j40.JPG (25669 bytes) 22-Nov-97
I have the original Alcoa aluminum rims but chose to install stock 16" military rims to better match the jeep.  Can't afford an M100 yet...
j41.jpg (16911 bytes) 18-Nov-97
Time to put the puzzle back together...  Here's the OD frame and newly installed lifting brackets.
j42.JPG (29320 bytes) 18-Nov-97
Install pintle hook, tow hooks, bumperettes.  Prepare to install springs and axles.
j43.JPG (20650 bytes) 18-Nov-97
Do you remember the 'miscellaneous' parts from the "Before" pictures?  Here they are again freshly sandblasted, primered and painted.

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