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To assist in reducing download time, Thumbnail pictures are below - simply click on the picture to see an enlarged version.  To return to this page, use your Browsers BACK button.

j64.JPG (18396 bytes) 14-Jun-98
Install the hood (sorry about the poor quality of pics here - I used a disposable camera for these)
j65.JPG (13300 bytes) 30-Jun-98
Installed the gas tank and an non-stock in-line fuel filter.
j66.JPG (18402 bytes) 26-Jul-98
Installed instrument cluster.
j67.JPG (24990 bytes) 23-Sep-98
Here's the end product of the restoration!
j68.JPG (28197 bytes) 23-Sep-98
j69.JPG (25987 bytes) 23-Sep-98
j70.JPG (23661 bytes) 23-Sep-98
j71.JPG (21968 bytes) 23-Sep-98

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