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j44.JPG (23363 bytes) 18-Nov-97
Grill, battery box, tunnel cover and glove box ready for installation.
j45.JPG (24516 bytes) 18-Nov-97
Fresh seat frames ready for installation.  Note the use of the original spring and pan assemblies.  A synthetic horse hair mat was used in place of the original.
j46.JPG (25875 bytes) 25-Nov-97
A major milestone in the project - A rolling chassis.  Note the detail in the spring/axle area.  We strived for originality.
j47.JPG (32280 bytes) 25-Nov-97
j48.JPG (27389 bytes) 03-Dec-97
Here are all the miscellaneous parts that came off the engine prior to rebuild.  Most (if not all) was replaced with NOS parts still in wrapping dated mid-50's
j49.JPG (34125 bytes) 04-Dec-97
The bare long-block prior to rebuild.  The odometer shows 29,000 miles and we know of one rebuild that was done by the military.  Only minimal wear was noted.
j50.JPG (23075 bytes) 16-Dec-97
Received the rebuild long block today.  You can still see the US ARMY rebuild tag.  The engine was rebuild top to bottom by a local machine shop.
j51.JPG (29970 bytes) 16-Dec-97
It was however received black and not OD.  Here, I shot a test spot to see how well it would look/work/stick.
j52.JPG (26494 bytes) 04-Apr-98
It took me a while to put the engine/transmission/xfer case all together.  Here, it all went into the frame!
j53.JPG (16452 bytes) 07-Apr-98
Installed exhaust pipe and muffler.

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