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Event: Veterans Day Parade
Date: November 11, 2010
Location: Austin, TX
Description: I really love the Veterans Day parade in Austin.  There is such a support group within the community (as liberal as it is) for our veterans.  This year, I again had the privilege of hauling my dad (WWII/Korea) in the parade as well as two other veterans who are co-workers of the Mrs.

As usual, we met at the TxDOT parking lot to gather.  I believe we had in excess of 21 vehicles this time around and were able to haul just about everyone that wanted a ride.  Everything from quarter-ton's to five tons and all in between was present.  Each year, we have more and more vehicles, thus more exposure and movement to the front of the parade.  This year was no exception in that we were number 12 for staging.  Yes, we are finally getting recognition as a consistent group in this event.

The parade was wonderful with the largest group of spectators we can remember for a long time.  The numbers of folks lining the streets was just staggering this time around.  

After the parade, we made our way back to TxDOT less two vehicles.  Ward's '42 slat grill had a battery failure on the route and Hollis's CUCV had a starter implode on the bridge at staging.  Back at TxDOT, it was a cool 26 minutes for the starter swap start to finish as he had a spare in the truck with him.

Once the vehicles were recovered and repaired, most of us wound our way over to Threadgills for a fine lunch.

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