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Event: Temple Air Show
Date: April 30-May 02, 2010
Location: Temple, TX
Description: I sure do like Temple.  Formerly known as the Georgetown (Central Texas) Airshow, this two day event is just relaxing for our club.  We are in good standing with the show organizers and ramp boss's in that we are assigned our own area of the spectator infield viewing section.  This section is roped off with only a few access points for spectators to come in and out and when the show starts, we close off access.

I also cook at this event and everyone enjoys the burgers, migas, or whatever I whip up.

We also spend the night (or two) in town.  Many of the folks in the larger trucks simply sleep in the bed of the truck with a cot and full camping gear.  Others, like me, opt for pitching the tent.  Weather can be hit or miss this time of year and we are almost guaranteed at least one cloudy day or torrential downpour.  This year was great in that there was no rain prior to or really during the show.  One evening a bit of rain and wind came through, but not like in years past.

As part of the show in a round about way, we participate in a few re-enactments.  Again this year we provided all the vehicles for the Vietnam recreation which was a huge hit with the spectators.  Along with doing this, we all are issued a wrist band that gives us all access except the hot ramps so we can wander around the infield for some really nice picture taking opportunities.  (yeah, I need a bigger lens....)

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