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j11.JPG (25234 bytes) On/Off ignition switch had been replaced with a key switch at some point.  The restoration did not include the key as it's not in any tech manuals.
j12.JPG (24887 bytes) Master cylinder brake cover plate was missing.
j13.JPG (37827 bytes) Good shot of the engine area.  All was original except the carb and a copper heating line wrapped around the exhaust manifold on the leading edge.
j14.JPG (36547 bytes) Original rubber cross-over tube still intact as well as a venting/fording valve.  Fuel lines and top of carb are not original.
j15.JPG (36347 bytes) Generator and oil filter assemblies.
j16.JPG (12616 bytes) Rusty area #2 on the passenger side floorboard.  This was a typical area for rusting as the battery box was located just on top of this area.  The drain plugs would fill with leaves and dirt and not allow drainage.  Combined with the battery acids from above, this was the result.  Also note the stenciling still intact - "A Unit of Your Civil Defense"
j17.JPG (33371 bytes) The tool box area.  Again, note the red paint???
j18.JPG (25486 bytes) Right rear spring and wheel assembly.  All four corners looked just about like this.  As you will note in the coming pictures, all this cleaned up nicely.
j19.JPG (20523 bytes) Left rear spring shackle was missing the female insert when purchased.  It appears that the insert had backed itself out over time.  The internal threads of the spring-eye were not damaged.  New eyes/inserts went in smoothly.  Also note the original tow hook just inside the bumperette.
j20.JPG (29286 bytes) The original and stock emergency brake system consisted of a drum on the output of the drive shaft.  A lever in the drivers area activated two pads against the drum.


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