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02/21/2003 6.00 Sketch, design, cut and build rear sub frame (#1), rear bumper, pintle components
02/22/2003 8.00 Sketch, design, cut and build seat/footwell frame (#1), engine bay area, front bumper
10/10/2003 6.00 Frame build #2, Remove/re-attach first rear pintle, Remove/re-attach first front bumper.  Assembled two tire/rim/tube combinations.

OK...After considerable review of my first frame (we'll call it Frame #1) I decided the "C" channel was not near strong enough.  It looked great to match the original frame but having the three sections provided for several weak points between the engine and drive-train area.  With that in mind, I decided to create a rear frame area that also encompassed the center 'seat well section' as one component and add the engine bay as the second area component.  I chose 1"x2" rectangle box tubing 1/8" thick.  After cutting and welding up Frame #2, I feel much better about the ability to handle an engine up front and drive train mechanism in the rear.

At this point, I've also determined the reproduction mini-body was not that well aligned when assembled by the factory.  There are some significant deviations in 'squareness' associated with the body.  I'll address those deviations with a 'bigger hammer' next time around.

11/12/2003 1.00 Assemble the remaining two tire/rim/tube combos.  Mock-up rolling chassis to get an idea on what to do next.  Paint remaining rim and two front hub assemblies.
12/17/2003 5.00 Mounted rear axle bearing hangers, fabricated front spindle carriers and mounted spindles, final welding of all joints.  It's a ROLLING CHASSIS!   :-)  
04/02/2004 6.00 Sketch out and build/assemble steering assembly.  Installed bearing hangers for shaft, fabricated some hangers, built a few brackets and trimmed to length the tie-rod ends.  All looks good now for steering but I still need the actual shaft end machined to 3/8" square to mate into the double female universal socket u-joint.  Also need to fabricate the hanger assembly for the dash mounting point.
04/07/200 8.00 Re-do steering from calculation error in the pitman arms were reversed, ie: turn the wheel right and the wheels went left.  So.....I swapped the spindles from each side and the spindle tie-rod pivot point then corrected the problem.  The fix also put the tie-rod ends more in line with one another and they are a bit more protected now.
04/04/2004 5.00 Finished the steering, aligned the front-end, fabricated and installed the jerry can bracket and spare tire bracket.  Tightened just about every nut available for an upcoming air-show this Saturday.  Stenciled the star on the hood and shot the rear panel 33070 to see if I like it.  I do.
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